All of the workshops will be individualised as much as possible. The duration of each course is adaptable, for example; a days course can be split into sessions.
I am happy to put a course together of your choice from the subject areas. I give talks on any of the subjects covered within the workshops.

Personal Development

£300 for approx 6 hours of personal reflection and healing, including lunch.

£360 for a days personal reflection and healing, including lunch, supper and bed and breakfast.

The length of stay is up to you!

I will personalise your time, whether you need help with:

  • letting go of issues from the past
  • making decisions and moving forward with confidence
  • stepping into health and well-being
  • or looking for your spiritual pathway.


Relax and de-stress your mind and body. Learn how to listen and follow your own intuition making ones ‘life choices’ more appropriate and stress free.
During the course, you will experience a variety of meditation techniques, which will help to find the most comfortable way for you.

Spiritual Development

Get in touch with your authentic self through angel cards, visualisations, crystals and natural healing.
The activities of the day will cleanse your energies, helping you to move forward into the future with a more positive outlook on life.

Spiritual Healing

Learn how to do spiritual healing. This involves channelling energy to cleanse and balance the chakras and energy systems of the body. This is working with the body’s own natural healing abilities. Our energies become out of balance for many reasons in life, and this creates ‘dis-ease’. Spiritual healing will affect you on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Helping to return yourself to health. This workshop will enable you to work on yourself and others with confidence. I will teach you to develop your own healing abilities and intuition. If you already do healing you will enhance your abilities by the deep cleansing of self which will occur on this course.

Life Balancing

The aim of this course is to help you learn how to achieve a contented and balanced lifestyle which suits you.
The course will also enable you to become an effective natural healer with the confidence to work on yourself and others.
If you are already a complementary therapist you will be working on a deeper level of self-development to enhance the healing you already perform.
It is for people who are interested in exploring their own spirituality and developing inner peace. In the process we will be looking at different aspects of self and how to reach ones full potential in life. Skills and tools for how to remain positive and calm in our stressful everyday lives will be taught. It is for people with a religious faith as well as those with a faith in spirituality but who do not adhere to a religion.
This course will empower people to move with confidence into whatever area of learning, interest or employment they wish to. Self-expression, self-worth and self-confidence, are essential prerequisites for stepping into ‘who you are’ and ‘what you want to achieve in life’. The skills learnt will enable one to deal with their life challenges more easily.
This workshop will involve reading, theoretical and practical assignments. The sessions will need to be over time and can be arranged to suit. The pleasure of partaking in a course like this is that we will all learn from each others experiences and all have much to offer.

Connecting To The Light Of Your Soul

The overall theme is ‘connecting to the light of your soul’. Each session will cover a different topic, which are based on the Baha’i writings. Apart from reading the writings and discussions, there will be a guided meditation linked to the Hidden Words by Baha’u’llah.

The topics are:

  • The soul
  • Prayer and Meditation
  • The Spirit of Faith
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Unity

I am happy to run this course at times to suit such as weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Or I can give talks on one of the topics including a guided meditation.