Rachael Chitrakar - natural healer

My name is Rachael Chitrakar and I have been practicing spiritual healing for about 25 years.

I obtained a BSc (Hons) from Leicester University in 1983 and went on to do a PGCE for primary school teaching in 1985.
Since then I have worked as a supply teacher and that has given me time to travel and do my spiritual healing and healing workshops.
I have developed my skills through courses, over twenty years’ experience, and by working on my own spiritual development. Over the years I have practiced in the UK, India and Ireland.
I enjoy teaching people to develop their own healing abilities and, in the process, deepen their spiritual understanding of self.
My courses are personalised for the individuals taking part. They are fun to do and provide useful skills which can be applied to help deal with our (sometimes stressful) lives.

I am very happy to give talks so please contact me to make arrangements.